10 Bathroom Wall Tile Ideas to Consider and Useful Tips to Get the Best Wall Tiles

bathroom wall tile ideas

bathroom wall tile ideas

As one of the most private rooms of a house, a bathroom, the room for personal hygiene should appear to be clean, smell good, make us feel clean, comfortable and safe, and have complete bathroom fixtures, accessories, and fittings to make the hygiene sessions go smoothly. A great bathroom will have the tiled walls that look nice and clean.

Tiles for Bathrooms

In their bathroom, people use tiles for the floors and the walls. Usually, they will use different tiles for the floors and the walls. For safety, people will use the tiles that have a rougher and harder surface in order not to get slip when they are wet. On the other hand, wall tiles are usually less durable and softer since almost no one will walk on the walls.

Ceramic and porcelain tiles usually have zero for the level of Coefficient of Friction and for the interior floor, its Coefficient of Friction should at least 0.50. If you want to remodel your bathroom and need bathroom wall tile ideas, you’d better read the whole article.

What to consider when selecting tiles for bathroom walls

  • Does size matter? Experts say that small tiles are better for bathroom walls. Why? It is not easy to install wall tiles on a vertical surface. The tiles for walls should be 4” x 4” or even smaller. Bigger-size of wall tiles will make us feel intimidating.
  • The surfaces of wall tiles should be vitreous. That is why wall tiles cannot be used for floor tiles or everyone inside will get hurt. Generally, people use wall tiles for the walls of the bathtub or shower. This is because of the vitreous surface of the wall tiles can stand a high volume of water.
  • Some people love to have wall tiles in a certain color without any embellishments. Some others will have borders, bands, and listellos. They surely will give the bathroom the aesthetic value. You know, when someone enters a bathroom the first thing to see is usually the wall. The embellishments also will prevent you from having boring bathroom walls with visual monotony.
  • About the materials of the wall tiles, some people will have glazed, leather, stainless, honed natural stone, or tin wall tiles. It depends on their personality and lifestyle. Many people love to use ceramic tiles to install to their bathroom walls since they are easy to clean, water resistant, and hard wearing. Nowadays, ceramic tile surfaces can be semi-matte with a textured finish. Some wall tiles can also create a larger design that is called feature of panels. When the plain tiles surround the panel, there will be a huge visual impact. Bathroom wall tiles may have accessories like toilet roll holders and soap dishes.

Ten ideas for bathroom wall tile that you can consider

There are many bathroom wall tile ideas that you can select in order to have the one that matches your personality best.

  • How about using red tiles that come non-uniform? The red tiles are installed to create an eclectic feeling in your bathroom. The red tiles look like an explosion.
  • If you love woods, you will love the idea of having a wooden effect from the wall tile you’ll install. The wall tiles that are glossy brown in color will make your luxurious bathroom even more comforting with the thing you love.
  • Green color always gives fresh and shading effects into a room. So, consider having wall tiles for your bathroom that can create an elusive geometric effect. It is simply by paring tiles which are jade-green in color with pale blue.
  • Having navy blue and white motif tiles is nice to make your bathroom wall a focal point. The two colors of the motif go well with the natural colors of all things in the bathroom.
  • Another thing to make a bathroom look fresher is to have a green color in it. Just have lime green subway tiles on the shower wall.
  • A bathroom can function as the place to relax your mind and boost your good moods. So, you can consider the pink and blue shades between pale tiles for the bathtub wall.
  • Art lovers will be happy to have some graphics in multi colors like unique colorful paint splatter tiles for one wall and colorful classic striped tiles on the bathtub area. All the patterns surely clash but they give the aesthetic value to the bathroom.
  • Going blue on half of the bathroom walls with the ceramic tile with the soothing design is nice.
  • Blue color also gives a calming feeling to anyone in the bathroom. Consider having blue cement wall tiles of retro-cubist inspiration.
  • Those who love to soothe themselves in their bathroom will love the idea of having dark blue classic motif wall tiles on all around of their bathroom walls.

You can take these ten bathroom wall tile ideas into consideration. You’ll still need guidance to choose the best tiles for walls.

How to choose bathroom tiles

  • When you have to renovate your bathroom and you’ll go shopping for bathroom tiles both for floors and walls, you should choose the ones that you really want. Well, bathroom tiles are the things you’ll see every day, so they should be your favorite. Discussing with other family members is advisable as well.
  • When choosing the tiles for your bathroom, you are advised to stick to the maximum of three different tiles. Otherwise, your bathroom will look and feel so crowded.
  • When you look for the tiles for your bathroom walls, make sure you stick to single show stopper. For example, if you want your bathroom look clean and more spacious, so you’ll choose white color for your wall tiles. If at the same time, you want something different by having a focal point on the wall, well, you can have a green or blue color of tiles with motif at the top walls.
  • Large scale tiles are trendy but stick to the rule that your wall tiles should come small. Large tiles definitely will make you feel small and intimidated.
  • A great bathroom will have clean tiles. So, make sure you know how to clean your bathroom including the tiles for both the floors and walls.

What do you think? Don’t you think it’s interesting to talk about the bathroom—our most private room? It is great if you can take advantages from the article about bathroom wall tile ideas.

bathroom wall tile ideas