A Natural Touch With The Rattan Nightstand

If you are looking for more decoration to make your bedroom even look more natural, then you can add the rattan nightstand since they are completely natural and will surely boost the environment of your bedroom.

Rattan Nightstand
Rattan Nightstand

Rattan is some kind of bamboo plant that is very popular in furniture, as it is as sturdy as any other material, but there are a lot of thing you can also get from the rattan nightstand, which is the looks and the natural sensation for your bedroom, which are very important if you do love nature.

When it comes to the durability, rattan is not weak and can be very reliable. What’s more is, you don’t have to clean the nightstand as often as you need to clean the regular type of nightstand, as it have the air gap which can suck out the dust.

The dust will be having a hard time to gather in the rattan nightstand since the will immediately fell from the gap. All you have to do is just to blow the dust away using the fan and the dust will be completely gone as they are never there before.

How To Get The Best Rattan Nightstand

When it comes to the quality, then it refer back to each person preference. But usually, the rattan nightstand will come in a big sized nightstand, and will have no drawer, and instead, there is one single compartment where you can put all of your stuff inside such compartment.

But if you do are looking for the drawer, then you can purchase the single drawer stand which is made by rattan, but still such stand have the large empty space just beneath the drawer. You need to make sure that the drawer is not overburdened as the rattan will start bending in the long run if it does.

Unfortunately, the rattan stand does not comes in a variety of type, but just rather one type of it which is the regular one. You cannot have the hanging or the floating type of stand since rattan cannot be nailed down, and the surface of rattan need to be big and wide to make it applicable, sot that the hanging type won’t do.

This is due to the difficulty in shaping the rattan nightstand into a more delicate and smaller type of stand you can see in the market.

How To Maintain Your Rattan Nightstand

Actually there is no any kind of special treatment you need to have in order to maintain the rattan, but one thing for sure is, you need to make sure that you are not overloading the drawer and any other surface.

Just like any type of material, when it overburdened, then it will start to disintegrate, and finally broken. You need to be careful with rattan as they are easier to bend.

The Price of Rattan Nightstand

Rattan is not very expensive, and therefore you don’t have to worry about the cost of the stand. The maximum amount of money you need to spend for a single rattan nightstand is just about 100 dollar per piece, and it can be lower if the design is simpler.

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