A Retro and Vintage Farmhouse Nightstand Ideas

The one and the most delicate thing you can have for your bedroom is the farmhouse nightstand, especially if you are aiming to have the vintage and retro type of bedroom.

Farmhouse Nightstand
Farmhouse Nightstand

This is especially true since the farmhouse design is very particular and also very retro, as it employs the wooden design with brown coating, or sometimes the unfinished wood to give some extra retro feeling to the bedroom. The size of such design Is also very small, and thus it quite affordable and simple.

Farmhouse Nightstand

The nightstand is the bedside table, but the main difference is, the bedside table is usually very simple and also not contain so many drawers, whereas the nightstand will do. The drawers inside the bedside table usually just contain one drawer, whereas the nightstand will have as much about 3 to four drawers.

But compared to any other nightstand, the farmhouse nightstand is actually very simple and small, and thus perfectly suited for the minimalist kind of design particularly.

The Great Design Of Farmhouse Nightstand

As the name suggests, the farmhouse nightstand is usually will be related to the kind of table which is very rough looking and unpolished to give the extra retro boos in the bedroom.

The farmhouse design will usually employ the hardwood and brown coating exterior to make the wood much more beautiful, but there is also the design which is not using the paint at all. It all will return to the preference of the user, and thus you need to make sure that the nightstand will be perfectly fit for the design of your bedroom.

As for the size and shape, the farmhouse is very simple, and usually, it will just stacking up drawer one by one to the top, and there will be usually 2 to 3 drawers you can find in a big farmhouse nightstand.

But there is also the one which only uses 1 drawer, but has a very large room between the top drawer and the feet. Space is usually will be used to store the books or all sort of thing in them, and you can put a lot of them since the space is quite big just beneath the top drawer.

The Best Design For The Farmhouse Nightstand

The farmhouse design usually will perfectly fit the vintage and the retro kind of bedroom. To fulfill this kind of design, you need to make sure that you already put so many retro designs in your bedroom. For example, you can use the retro wallpaper to your bedroom, and also having retro bed lamps and so on.

To enhance the feeling of retro,  you need to put as many retro stuff as possible so that the effect will be boosted significantly.

The Price Of Farmhouse Nightstand

You don’t have to worry much about the price, as it will be quite cheap and affordable. The most expensive farmhouse nightstand will just cost about 200 to 500 dollar, and therefore it is not so expensive after all.

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