An Eccentric and Out of The Box Hanging Nightstand

The nightstand is one of the most important thing that you can have in the bedroom, but if you are bored with the usual design of the nightstand, then you can try the hanging nightstand. This kind of stand is very eccentric and really different with the rest of the nightstand type, even with the floating type.

Hanging Nightstand

This is because the hanging nightstand is using the rope or some kind of cable to attach the stand with the ceiling or any other surface that can keep the stand afloat. If you are looking for some ideas, then this type is perfect.

There are some reason why you should purchase this kind of nightstand, and one of them is, the aesthetic of your bedroom will be dramatically enhanced.

You can start adding more decoration besides the hanging nightstand to make sure that your bedroom will never be looked so plain and also boring. You can even add the lamps besides the rope, so that it will glow at night, and makes your bedroom even more artistic.

The Pros and Cons About Hanging Nightstand

There are a lot of consideration about the nightstand, as well as the reason why you need to buy it. The stand is used to store so many stuff that is related to you when you are about to sleep, such as the book, glasses, pajama and so on.

The more stuff you have, the wider you need the stand to be. One of the main reason why the hanging nightstand is not suitable for those who wish to store many things are,  the surface of the stand is very small, and the burden cap is also small compared to any other stand.

But if you never use the stand to drop a lot of stuff, then you can use the hanging nightstand since it won’t matter anyway. Unfortunately, you cannot drop the big lamps in the stand since the surface is very small, and then you need to make sure that the stuff you are dropping there is not overburdening the whole stand.

If that happen, then the rope will fail and all of your stuff that is dropped on top of the stand will start falling. You need to make sure that the only stuff you are dropping is the small and light stuff.

How To Install The Hanging Nightstand

The installation of this stand is also not easy, and you will need a lot of time to just install this one. First of all, you need to make the base anchor of the stand, and then you can start pinning it with the nail or bolt. Then you can attach the support rope to that single bolt, and make sure that they are tight and strong.

The Tips For Having Hanging Nightstand

You need to mind the burden or weight cap that your stand can handle, and this has everything to do with the rope as well. The stronger your rope, the more weight it can handle. But if your hanging nightstand is just using some thin rope, then you better be careful about the weight.

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