Bathroom Shower Tile Ideas that will Make Your Morning Routine More Relaxed

Bathroom Shower Tile Ideas
Bathroom Shower Tile Ideas

A nice walk-in shower can give you an amazing and comfortable feeling to do your morning routine. We have several bathroom shower tile ideas to help you remodel your old bathroom. If your bathroom has a lack of obstructions, it can give a seamless transition from the rest of your bathroom until the area of your shower.

A walk-in shower is not only much safer for children and elders, but also it can work nicely for those who want a relaxing minimalist style of bathroom.

Bathroom Shower Tile Ideas
Bathroom Shower Tile Ideas

Different Walk-in Shower Style Options

There are a lot of different styles choices if you want to have a walk-in shower. One of the most familiar kinds comes in the form of an enclosure of glass with the glass that can create an airy and bright feeling. You can also consider adding a nice window to the shower for an even effect of lighter. If adding a window is not a possible move, you can try to install a skylight.

But, if it is also not possible for you to do it, it is better to have all-glass enclosure because it will make the bathroom stay bright enough even that is only artificial lighting.

Besides that, you can also choose for no-doors style walk-in shower. You can take a look at our ideas in remodeling the bathroom. You can have glass-only, walls-solid, or a solid-base completed with a glass top half. The thing you should keep in mind is that the walk-in shower without doors does not give you enough privacy, at least that’s how walk-in shower generally is for.

If your priority is not privacy, then a walk-in shower is the right choice for you. Every design has its own unique construction and logistical headaches on problems including drainage. So, it is important to think about the drainage no matter what style you want to apply.

Bathroom Shower Tile and Floor Ideas

Like most bathrooms, the things that are important to think are the tile and floor design. Use a neutral color of tile if you have a plan of the solid wall as part of your walk-in shower. The neutral color can balance the bathroom’s airiness. An area where you can have one of a kind style is the back wall that you can use as the focal point of your bathroom and walk-in shower as a whole. For example, a great stone wall of mosaic back can draw the people’s eyes to set their foot into the shower immediately.

As for the glass, stone, ceramic, and floor tiles are famous because they can resist water. You can either choose a unique eye-catching design or neutral walk-in shower tile style which keeps up with the whole minimalist look to complete an attention-commanding back wall equally. Last but not least, you can think about the accessories play’s role in the whole feel and design of your walk-in shower.

Circular showerheads can be great choices for a traditional, warm feel while square rainfall showerheads can provide you the futuristic atmosphere in the bathroom. Other accessories you can think of are including grab bars, a spa-style bench for a bigger walk-in shower, a corner seat, and a soap dish. So, are you ready to take a look at our designs?

Modern and Warm

Modern and simple are the ultimate keys in designing this shower. When you design a shower with all wood, it can keep the room warm and bring comfy feeling. The tiles in the shower that are in light green color keep the room soft and natural too. You can also make a focal point of the gray tiles too on the floor.

Subway in Gray

This subway in grey can make your shower has a nice atmosphere and inviting nuances. The beautiful gray shower can also be mixed and matched with a beautiful long marble top bench as one of the decorations. Do you love the look?

Tiles in Blue-Green

Try the blue-green tiles that can make your shower bring the beachside theme more alive. You will be more relaxing in doing your morning routine with this shower look.

Small Stone bathroom shower tile ideas

The small stone tiles are also great tiles to décor a shower room. If you want to have a comfortable and warmer shower place, then small stone tiles are the answer.

Corrugated Metal

If you are looking for with different materials to renovate your old bathroom, why don’t you use corrugated metals? It is suitable with ultra-modern shower theme. You can try to mix the corrugated metal and concrete together. For the shower walls, you can use the corrugated metal while the concrete is for the shower floor.

Tiles in Turquoise Color

The tile niches in turquoise can add something extra to the shower. It can make the amazing color of turquoise pops up nicely. It is suitable for those who have a bubbly personality.

Dreamy Bath

Have you ever imagined yourself walking in a dreamy bath? Try to paint all the walls in white color with stone tiles for the floor. It is perfect for a master bathroom in your house.

Stunning Shower

Do you want to apply a beach style to your bathroom? Why don’t you try to have blue inset tiles? It is a perfect color to remind you about your favorite beach. It can also make the bathroom looks more spacious.

Marble Shower

The theme that goes well with marble shower is contemporary. You can design your bathroom with marble or stone wall in natural, black color. It will definitely make the bathroom looks elegant and dreamy.

Brick Wall

If you want to have a little bit of classic, old themes, try to have a brick wall. The brick walls make the bathroom prettier, especially as the wall tile. Are you interested in applying brick wall?

Shiplap Shower

Another beach-theme style is the shiplap shower. You will love this design when the Corian sheet is turned to look like shiplap. It is an amazing inspiration for a beach-themed bathroom. For a great touch, you can place the gray hex tiles on the floor too.

So, which bathroom shower tile ideas are your favorite? Happy decorating!