Bathroom Tile Ideas Images: Ceramic, Stone, Porcelain, or Glass?

Looking at the bathroom tile ideas images might help you to pick the tiles for your bathroom. Since there are several types of tiling materials, it is important for you to understand each one of them. In this article, we are going to explain each of them so you will understand what things you need in the bathroom.

Ceramic Tiles

We can say that ceramic tiles are the most prevalent type of tiles available on the flooring market. They are available in various colors, textures, and sizes as well as price range. Porcelain is basically a family member of ceramic.

But in this section, we discuss non-porcelain ceramic tiles. This tile is easy to maintain and it could fit any category in your house. However, ceramic tiles tend to be more porous compared to porcelain tiles.

bathroom tile ideas images
bathroom tile ideas images

Porcelain Tiles

Even though the making process is as same as ceramic tiles, this one is used more layers so it appears to be more durable than ceramic tiles. The material is hard, durable, easy to maintain, and moisture resistant. However, it could get stained more easily compared to marble. Compared to ceramic tiles, porcelain tiles are more expensive.

Stone Tiles

This category includes limestone, marbles, granites, and other natural stones available on the market. The tiles are not created but quarried after all. All natural stones reflect a timeless look with its beauty and it definitely the impression of a lifestyle from the homeowner.

However, it requires a series of maintenance. Besides, you can only count on this material if you can afford it; the price is so pricey though. However, it will make the resale value of your house increased after all.

Glass Tiles

Glass tiles provide the glossy finishes and its ability to reflect the light will blow your mind though. It makes the whole bathroom appears luxurious no matter how big the size is. Mostly, designers use the glass tiles for the mosaic. Also, it can be applied on the floors, walls, and also borders for the backsplash.

Glass tiles are resistant to any discoloration, chemical damage or even fading. When it comes to the strength, glass is basically fragile until the installation. Once you have done with installing it, it will be strong enough even for swimming pools. Glass tiles are great to distribute and reflect the light in the room. However, clear glass tiles are not too pleasing when the water stain appears just like what you see in the bathroom tile ideas images.

bathroom tile ideas images