Bathroom Tile Remodel Ideas

bathroom tile remodel ideas
bathroom tile remodel ideas

A living room is not the only room in your house that needs all attention. Your bathroom also needs to be designed and decorated well. It is, indeed, true that the bathroom is not the focal point in the house like the living room, but it does not rule out the possibility that your guests will use your bathroom so that if it was designed carelessly and not maintained well, it will embarrass you as the owner.

Besides needing to provide complete facilities for the bathroom, you also need to choose the right ceramic for it. Here, we will share some bathroom tile remodel ideas that you can choose based on your character.

Perfectionists will love this simple and clean white bathroom

If you are a person who always demands perfection and tends to set high standards for everything, white may be the best color that suits you. In addition, white ceramic is also suitable for those of you who like simplicity. White is synonymous with purity, cleanliness, sterility, innocence, and clinical matters. By choosing white as the bathroom ceramic color, you will create a clean and simple atmosphere. But the consequences of having a white bathroom is the requirement of always maintain its cleanliness because just a little dirt will definitely be seen clearly.

bathroom tile remodel ideas
bathroom tile remodel ideas

Red Bathroom for the dynamic you

Are you among those who have a high level of confidence and tend to always be the center of attention? Or are you a brave person who is always optimistic and likes challenges? If you are, then red is the right choice to become the color of your bathroom tiles.

As we know, red is a symbol of energy, passion, ambition, love, and aggression. The red bathroom can be the most unique bathroom tile remodel ideas that represent you best. It will bring a vibrant feel to your bathroom.  To avoid the boring atmosphere, combining a lighter red color on some part of the bathroom and the darker one on the other parts will be a great idea.

A magnificent elegance in a black bathroom

The black color is referred to something formal and elegant, and mysterious. With black bathroom tile colors, you will get the feel of a beautiful bathroom, which is full of pride.

However, you should avoid the gloomy impression. This can be done by installing bright white bathroom lights and give a little bit white/yellow/gold touch on the tiles.

Yellow bathroom for adventurers

Bright and cheerful are the impressions you get when you choose yellow as your bathroom color. For those of you who feel adventurous in new things, cheerful, and have a warm personality, yellow is the most suitable color to represent the character.

People who always like new adventures, of course, will love avoiding the boring and gloomy atmosphere. Therefore, you can use yellow as one of the bathroom tiles remodels ideas that give a dynamic impression.

bathroom tile remodel ideas
bathroom tile remodel ideas