Bathroom Tiles and Designs for Shower Walls

Talking about bathroom tiles and designs, there might be several points that make a tile qualified for a certain area in the bathroom. For example, there is a set of rules that should be met by the tiles so you can use it for the flooring material. A certain set of rules are also applied when it comes to using the tiles for walls or even ceilings.

bathroom tiles and designs
bathroom tiles and designs

So, in this article, we are going to show about things that should be met if you want to use the tiles for the bathroom walls and ceiling. Check this out.

The right tiles for walls

The most typical options for bathroom walls are glass tiles and natural stone tiles. However, it would be pretty tricky if you use a large piece of glass with a clear look for the wall. The clear glass would show the moisture trapped under the tiles. Other than that, you might see the water stains on the surface of the tiles if you do not clean it immediately.

This is why you may need to consider using smaller glass tiles with color on it. It would be safer yet look nicer though. This is if you consider using the glass tiles for your bathroom walls. As we have mentioned earlier, you can also use the natural stone tiles but only if you can afford it.

Natural stone tiles are not made but they are quarried. They are priced ridiculously pricey sometimes. But they resist the stain from mineral contained by the water so you do not need to worry about the looks after all.

However, it could be a bit harder to clean the gritty surface compared to the smoother surface like glasses and ceramic tiles would give you. A quick tip you can use: you can install the wall to the ceiling and get the hi-end look in the shower area.

The right tiles for ceiling

Some people would take the ceiling area without consideration and sometimes you can just put the same tiles as your walls. But also sometimes, it could not work that way anymore. So, if you want to put an accent in the shower area, you can choose a contrast color for the tile you use for the ceiling.

Other than that, if the ceiling is kind of curvy like you might find at the steam shower, you could use the small tiles to make a nice look up there. And this is anything you need to know about bathroom tiles and designs.

bathroom tiles and designs