Bathtub Shower Tile Ideas: How to Choose Tiles for Bathroom Flooring

When it comes to bathtub shower tile ideas for flooring, your options are not as same as when you choose the tiles for other areas in the house. Besides the factors like cost, looks, and durability, there are other important factors you need to confront as well since there will be the super-wet area in the bathroom.

Besides water is a common thing in the bathroom, water could also ruin the good things when the flooring is very wrong. So, here we have the best flooring options you might need to read for your bathroom

Porcelain and ceramic tiles

For the record, porcelain tiles are the best option you may have for bathroom flooring material. Besides the waterproof feature, it also features the cost-effective factor and the stylish look.

Porcelain tiles also provide solid feeling and rich texture on its surface. However, if your bathroom has no shower area then there is no need to choose this material though. Porcelain tiles are made for those wet areas in the bathroom.

Vinyl tile, plank, or sheet

Vinyl becomes very popular because of its supreme practicality that is paired with the good looks. Sheet vinyl might be the best option for your shower areas if the amount of water is pretty extreme.

The sheets come in a large size though. The size is between 5 inches and 48 inches in its widths. Vinyl can be installed in a DIY project since the styles are available in various types. However, it could be pretty slippery for flooring.

Natural stone

You can count on the natural stone for the bathroom flooring as long as you can afford it. Despite its greatness on texture for flooring material, its price is pretty expensive and it does not even include the maintenance like coating and sealing the surface regularly.

Other than that, there are several problems related to the moisture with limestone, granite, marble, and other natural stone flooring materials.

bathtub shower tile ideas
bathtub shower tile ideas

Natural stone is well known for its durability, hard, and aesthetically pleasing looks. Other than that, it will increase the value of your home if you intend to sell it in the future. However, it could be pretty slippery sometimes.

Besides, it is pretty cold even though you can install the radiant heating beneath the floor. As we have mentioned earlier, you can count on this material only if you can afford it. And this is the end of bathtub shower tile ideas for flooring.