Between Bedside Table and Floating Nightstand

There is so many stuff that you can purchase to add the beauty of your room, and one of them is the Floating Nightstand. For the most part, the floating nightstand is very similar to the bedside table, but the main difference is, the Floating Nightstand, particularly speaking, is floating.

Floating Nightstand
Floating Nightstand

It means that the table is not touching the ground, and rather be nailed down to the wall and floats beside your bed. This is rather a new concept that is very interesting and also very helpful when you are about to design a minimalist kind of room for your bedroom.

But the thing you need to understand when you are about to purchase the floating table is, the table itself will not come in a very big size, as it will burden the table and will be very hard to be attached to the wall.

Consequently, the size of the floating table will be rather small and thus very limited in space. You cannot also overburden the table with so many stuff that is will certainly not fit for the table, as it will make the floating nightstand overburdened and there is a risk it will come crashing down to the ground.

How To Install The Floating Nightstand

It is very easy to install the floating nightstand, and all you have to do is to follow this instruction below. The most important thing to do first is to determine the location of the nightstand, because as you can see, the nightstand is not very portable, unlike the bedside table.

It is attached using a bolt or nail so that when you want to move the nightstand, it will be very hard to do so. It is recommended for you to put the nightstand just beside your bed so that it will be very easy for you to access.

The first thing you need to do is, you need to attach the backside of the nightstand to the wall. In order to do this, you need a hammer and a strong nail, probably 3 to  7 inch per piece.

After you have properly attached the nail, then you can start assembling the rest of the nightstand, from the top, bottom, and front. Usually, the floating nightstand will just contain those four parts, but there are some other designs that have more sides.

What To Store In The Nightstand

As we have explained above, you need to be careful about the stuff you are going to put on the table, as the strength of the bolts can deteriorate by the time being, and the heavier the stuff you are putting on the table, the faster it will be weakened and thus very dangerous for you. Better to store the light stuff such as books and lamps.

Maintaining the Nightstand For Your Bedroom

Maintaining the nightstand is actually no different from maintaining the bedside, as you need to regularly clean the nightstand so that it will be nice every time you see them. the more delicate the floating nightstand you have, the harder it will be to clean.

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