Brilliant Ideas to Use Brown Curtains in Your Home

If you want to add a dramatic and warm charm in your home décor, incorporating brown curtains can be a good idea. It’s no secret that the right curtains can enhance and customize your space. Even if you have already included window shades or blinds, curtains are still an affordable way to beautify your room.

Brown Curtains
Brown Curtains

Just like other curtain colors, brown can deliver a bold statement in any room. It also makes a good solution for any homeowners who want to make their room feels warm and inviting. Whatever your choice will be, this following information will help you make the most of a brown colored or patterned brown curtain!

How to use Brown Curtains in Your Home Décor

If you’re looking for something new to update your home décor, window treatments are always on the top list for a more affordable and easier approach. Among the number of colors available, you may think of infusing brown in your curtains. With its warm and calm characteristic, you can surely count on brown curtains.

However, do you know the right ways to use these curtains in your home décor? Since it can be a waste if you don’t know how to use brown colored or patterned curtains in your décor, we’ve put together some important information for you. Without further ado, let’s check this out!

Cool Ways to Incorporate a Brown Curtain in Your Décor

The first thing that you want to know will be some of the best ways to bring a brown colored or patterned curtain into your home decoration. Luckily, there are some great tricks to make your room looks even better with these curtains. Here are our suggestions.

1. Blend with pastel color scheme

If your room using a few pastel colors in its palette, adding a light shade of brown curtains can be a good idea. For example, you can match seafoam green walls with long cream-colored panels in a bedroom. Besides, you can add seafoam green sheer half curtains too.

Brown Curtains
Brown Curtains

The half curtains won’t block out the sunlight fully since they tend to dim it down a bit when needed. If you’re thinking of creating a room that looks bright yet calm, this idea will work well for you. Consider going with floor-to-ceiling curtains for more dramatic flair.

2. Bring it in classic bedroom style

Many shades of brown color work well with a classic design. If you’re decorating a vintage bedroom, you can consider adding brown colored panel curtains in your design. It will be even more perfect if the other elements in the bedroom are kept in the same color.

Opt for brown curtains that can block out the sunlight very well especially if you want to hang them during summer days. However, if you want more natural light to pour in the room, consider fabrics that are not really heavy. Or you can pair them with sheer curtain for the best solution.

3. Hang it as bed curtains

Who says you need to use curtains on windows only? If you want to make a bedroom feels more dreamy and cozy, it’s not impossible to hang a bed curtain in earthy color like brown. When it comes to bed curtains, they’re typically in panel style.

Panel curtain will allow you to block off the bed and provide more privacy you need. On the other hand, if you don’t utilize it for privacy, you can simply benefit it as an accent piece. If your bedroom is painted in a brown shade, brown curtains will be a good bet.

4. Double with other colored curtains

Instead of going for all brown in your curtains, you can also consider installing matching curtains together. For example, if you have a neutral living room, you can introduce a combination of light brown and black curtains in your space. It will surely create a statement in your living room.

You can do it by installing the light brown curtain in between the black curtains. This idea works well particularly if you have large windows in your living room. Think of hanging your curtains floor to ceiling for such an elegant and luxury touch in your décor.

5. Hang it in a neutral room

A neutral room which boasts a white or grey color scheme makes a good place for hanging brown curtains. Whether it is plain or patterned curtains, they will look perfect in your space. You can simply go for any brown shade color you like the most at this point.

To make the most of your interior décor, consider matching the curtains with other elements inside the room. For instance, if you want to bring brown colored curtains in your bedroom, you can mirror the brown color in your pillowcases too. This way, your room will look more harmonized.

Common Mistakes to Avoid When Using a Brown Curtain

Now, you’ve already known some of the best ways to add curtains in brown color shade into your home design. To maximize your décor ideas, there are some common mistakes that you need to avoid when using a brown curtain or any other colored curtain.

The first mistake is not measuring the windows well. If you want to hang the brown curtains as a window treatment, it is important to measure your windows first before determining a piece of the curtain to choose. Don’t forget to add some inches in weight and height as well.

The next mistake is not hanging the curtains high enough. Nowadays, to-the-floor curtains are considered trendier than high-water curtains. It’s because they can make your space seems taller than it is. That’s why it’s recommended to hang your curtains as high as possible for achieving that illusion.

That’s all some important information that you need to know before hanging curtains in brown shade color. You can follow the ideas above to make the most of your curtains and avoid common mistakes that may make your room looks visually unpleasant. Finally, hope you enjoy this quick guide to brown curtains!

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