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The Specifications, Types, and Tips to Get the Comfortable and Ideal Computer Desk

If an item is comfortable to use, then we can certainly maximize its function properly. This applies also to the computer desk. It means that when you work with your computer, you may need a computer desk and the desk should be right and comfortable for you and your work.

By having a comfortable computer desk, your work performance will increase significantly. The better table design that is used will certainly increase productivity. Therefore, the computer desk design is very decisive in the comfort of work and work tasks. Then, what is a comfortable computer desk in general?

The computer desk should have enough space

Make sure that the computer desk has enough space for your feet. If the foot area has a wooden barrier or many objects, then you will be less comfortable using a computer desk.

The computer desk should have the ideal height

The ideal computer desk height is around 70-76 cm from the floor to accommodate a comfortable sitting position.

It is exactly a good idea to give a distance of at least 107 cm behind the table as a comfortable space to move.

Remember! Do not place the keyboard too high from the elbow position when sitting so that it will be comfortable to type.

Those are the general specifications of a comfortable computer desk. Then, how do you get the ideal computer desk? At present, various computer desks have been on the market. You can choose a variety of computer desk models.

As an illustration, here are six types of computer desk that can be used as a reference to get the ideal one:

Standard Computer Desk

A standard computer desk consists of one four-legged table and a standard chair. This table is divided into three parts, namely the upper, middle, and side. The top is the main table, while the bottom is a drawer.

The bottom drawer is used to place the keyboard and mouse. Meanwhile, the CPU is positioned below the side. The monitor is placed on the top of the table.

Generally, a standard computer desk is made from processed wood. The color is light brown with a smooth surface. This table can last approximately 10 years while not exposed to water.

Contemporary Computer Desk

The computer desk has many designs. This type of table is not only supported by four feet. Some tables only use one foot. The bottom is a square room that is wide enough for the size of a book. So, you don’t need to buy a bookshelf because this table is versatile.

Uniquely, not only is the flat monitor placed on the table. You can put other objects, such as printers, loudspeakers, and pencil cases. A computer device in the form of a keyboard and mouse has a place at the bottom of the table.

Hanging computer desk

This computer desk has no feet on the floor. Half of the parts are attached to the wall, including the location of the keyboard and mouse. Meanwhile, the CPU (Central Processing Unit) is stored under the main table. There is no special drawer like on a standard computer desk. You should add a wooden base under the CPU so that it doesn’t get hot when used.

Computer desk letter L

The computer desk letter L is designed to extend like the letter L. The table legs are rectangular upright. One of his legs was used for drawers.

This computer desk is long and wide enough to put various kinds of equipment. You can put a flat screen, keyboard, mouse, printer, telephone, file, lights, and stationery. All of them are located in one place. The lower right side has space to store the CPU.

Computer Desk U

This U computer desk is the most spacious and wide. The shape resembles the letter U. The right and left wings can hold many objects. Not only computing devices but also other office items.

Rectangular table legs. Almost all of them functioned as storage places. The CPU is placed in a special drawer whose position is below the main table. Meanwhile, the Mouse and keyboard are stored in a drawer without cover.

After you know and understand about the type of computer desks, you need to have some tips to select the right table based on your need. In order to get the right table, here are 8 tips that you must consider before you buy a computer desk:

You need to plan a computer desk layout

In buying various types of furniture, you should always think about the aesthetic side of the room, in addition to the usefulness of the furniture. Plan where you will put the furniture. Is it in the corner, side or center of the room?

You should consider the detailed items that will be placed on a computer desk

Next, arrange a list of items that will occupy your computer desk. In addition to a computer monitor, you might plan to put a printer, speaker, mouse, scanner or something else. By knowing what items you want to put on a computer desk, you will be able to estimate the size and type of computer desk that fits your needs.

You have to consider the desk with or without keyboard drawer

If you are a laptop user, of course, you will not need a keyboard drawer. Meanwhile, if you are a computer user, you can choose a computer desk with or without a keyboard drawer. The keyboard drawer can reduce the size of the table leaf so that a suitable table is placed in a room that is not too wide. In addition, a computer desk with a keyboard drawer can be one of the choices of ergonomic models.

You should recognize the need to improve performance and productivity

by recognizing various things that can improve performance and productivity, you will be able to determine what features are needed in a computer desk. For example, a computer desk equipped with bookshelves, CD storage drawers, file cabinets, and so on.

Measure the available space

Measure the space that will be occupied by the computer desk. That way, you will not buy a table that is over-sized. The combination of knowledge between the size of available space, the plan for the location of the table placement, and the need for features can make it easier for you to choose the size and model of a suitable table.

Those are the detail information about the computer desk related to the specifications, types, and tips to get a comfortable and ideal computer desk.

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