Cool Tips to Hang Curtains for Windows like a Pro

Now that you decided to use curtains for windows, you’ll want to know some of the best ways to do so. By doing it in the right way, it’s inevitable that your curtains will be able to add a beautiful touch in any room inside your home.

It’s no secret that a perfectly executed window treatment can transform your plain, boring window into a dramatic statement in your home decoration. Currently, the floor length curtain panels have become a trend in many houses. But, whatever your choice will be, this following information will help you to get started.

How to Hang Curtains for Windows Treatments

Among the number of window treatments out there, there’s no doubt that curtains become one of the most popular choices for many homeowners. They’re capable to create an elegant, sophisticated, or a casual look in any space inside your room. Moreover, they also come in a variety of patterns, shapes, colors, materials, and sizes too!

That’s why choosing the best curtains for windows can be a lot of works if you don’t know what to do. Basically, it’s a matter of determining the right ones that suit your taste and the rest of your room’s style. Now, keep reading to learn more about the right ways to hang curtains.

Good Tips to Hang Curtains for Your Window Treatments

Even you’ve chosen the best styles and fabrics for your curtains, there’s a chance that they don’t complement your home décor. It can be caused by the way you hang the curtains. To help you make the most of your beautiful curtains, here are some tips for success with all curtains.

1. Hand the curtains high enough

This is actually a rule of thumb for professional-looking window treatment. If you want to give your space a luxurious illusion of additional height, you should hang the curtains as high as possible. In most cases, you should consider installing the pole or valance at least 4 inches above the windows.

Even budget curtains for windows can look professional and well-done when you hang them at the proper height above the windows. You can also consider hanging the curtains in floor-to-ceiling style for a more luxurious feeling in your room. Just remember to avoid creating unneeded holes when installing your curtain rods.

2. Extend the curtain rods

When installing your curtain rods, it is always recommended to extend the pole no less than 3 inches beyond each side of the frame. There are some good reasons for this. They include providing the necessary illusion to make your window looks large and allowing more natural light into your room.

Moreover, extending the curtain rods can also add visual appeal since you can reveal more glass instead of a cramped curtain. If you hang the curtains in the open position, each panel may measure 12 inches in weight while the inside vertical edge should hand 3 inches.

Curtains for Windows

3. Stem or press the curtain

When you want to hang curtains for windows, consider pressing or steaming them first to get rid of any wrinkles or folds. This may sound basic, but it’s surprising that many people frequently hang their curtains right out of the bag, believing that the wrinkles can fall out in time.

4. Leave space underneath for cleaning

You might have ever seen some curtains installed to touch the floor. While it may deliver such a dramatic touch in your room, it’s actually better to leave some space underneath for cleaning. The proper position is around a half inch above the floor when it comes to free hanging curtains.

This space allows for cleaning and mopping while making the illusion that the curtains touch the floor. However, if you don’t mind to hang curtains that actually touch the floor, you can consider tie up the curtains with ribbons when you’re mopping or cleaning the room.

5. Adjust the length of the curtains

When hanging curtains for windows, it is a good idea to adjust the length of your curtain with creative hem finishes. There are some ways to finish the bottom of your curtains like trouser kick, puddle finish, and sleeve trick. The trouser kick is actually one of the most popular hem finishes.

Trouser kick is commonly used to finish the bottom of silk or lined curtains. On the other hand, the puddle finish typically doesn’t require a hem. The curtain has 9 to 12 inches extra long and the excess fabric is then tucked and puffed on the floor.

Things to Avoid When Hanging Curtains for Windows

You have known some of the good tips to hang curtains in the right way. Now, you need to know some mistakes to avoid as well. One of the most common mistakes is not measuring the window correctly. To make the most of your curtains, it is important to measure your windows first.

Moreover, some homeowners also tend to hang the curtains too low. As recommended above, it is better to hang your curtain rods high enough to make your space feels taller. When hanging curtains for windows, you should avoid purchasing curtains which are too short as well.

Even if you’re considering short curtains, you should make sure they are not too short as well. This thing is especially important if you’re looking at off-the-shelf curtains. At this point, you need to find the one that is long enough to touch the floor.

Furthermore, many homeowners also do the same mistakes of forgetting about the hardware. Of course, your window treatment is the main focus, but you shouldn’t forget the hardware too. Pay close attention to how heavy your curtains are. Then, consider the style of the rod as well as the final.

In conclusion, there are actually some good ways to follow when you want to hang curtains as window treatments. So, if you’re going to hang new curtains for your windows, don’t forget to consider all the tips above to make the most of it. Finally, hope you enjoy these tips to hang curtains for windows!

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