Cool Tricks to Use Black and White Curtains in Your Home

Black and White Curtains
Black and White Curtains

While you may don’t really appreciate monochromatic color schemes in your home interiors, black and white curtains might be able to change your mind. Depending on your taste and preference, there are many creative looks you can achieve when incorporating black and white colored or patterned curtains in your home.

Black and White Curtains
Black and White Curtains

Interestingly, you can easily fit these two-color curtains in any room inside your home. Whether it is your bedroom or living room, black and white colored and patterned curtains will be able to add style to your space. For the best ideas to use these curtains, keep on reading!

How to Use Black and White Curtains in Cool Ways

When it comes to black and white colored or patterned curtains, it’s actually a matter of application. If you do it right, you can surely get the most of these curtains in your home décor. So, how can we use these two-color curtains the right ways?

Luckily, there are some tricks that you can use to incorporate these beautiful curtains into your home décor. From adding them to a neutral color scheme to fitting them in patterned walls, there are actually lots of possibilities available. The following is some tricks where you can take the most of black and white curtains.

Top Tricks to Use Black and White Colored Curtains

Pairing your black and white stripes, bold prints, floral, and polka dots designs with particular colors and lighter neutrals are able to give an impressive look. But, if your home is painted in brown colors, these colored curtains might not work for you.

Check out these ideas to get started in the right direction.

1. Pair it up with pastel colors

If your room has incorporated lots of pastel colors on its design, curtains in black and white bold stripes will work best to change the character of the space. The curtains will help your modern interior scheme to blend in without being plain and uninterested.

You can imagine how lovely it is to have your glass tables, modern chandeliers, and fresh flower pieces being complemented with a maxi length bold-stripped curtain in black and white color. There’s no doubt that it will deliver a playful and fun look to your space.

2. Apply it in your bedroom

Black and white curtains can create a more dramatic feeling in your room. If you want your bed or bathroom to feel more dramatic, go with these two-color curtains. It doesn’t need to be stripes, but you can also have some full-length black curtains and full-length white curtains that are arranged together.

In your bedroom, you can try adding any of these colors in your throw pillows to create such an impressive dramatic look. Instead of installing the curtains for your window treatments, you can also apply them above your bed for a creative way to soften your headboard wall.

3. Use it with contrasting textile fabrics

It’s always a cool idea to use your curtain to contrast the other textiles in the room. If you choose to do so, you can achieve a great look by using a simple black and white Roman shade in a light grey room. You just need to make sure that the design can blend perfectly.

In case you prefer to go with black and white curtains in panel-style, you can hang them against a patterned wall for a striking scheme. On the other hand, you can opt for solids, patterns, geometric prints and more if you prefer something else than roman curtains.

4. Match it with other home accessories

If you want the simplest way to incorporate these white and black curtains in your home, you can easily match the curtain with other elements inside your room. For instance, if you want to apply it in your bedroom, you can match it with your bed duvets, linens, pillowcases, and throw pillows.

In this case, it doesn’t matter if your taste or style is traditional, contemporary, eclectic, or casual, you will surely be able to see how these black and white curtain ideas work for your home decoration. So, there’s no reason to avoid these black and white curtains when decorating your home interior.

DIY Black and White Curtain Ideas for Your Home

Since you have known some of the right ways to incorporate black and white colored and patterned curtains in your home, it’s time to find the best curtains to hang. If your windows are larger than your budget, considering a DIY project to create these curtains is perfect!

Here are some of the ideas.

1. DIY black and white striped curtains

DIY striped curtains are among the simplest ideas around. More interestingly, you can have an elegant curtain without breaking the bank. You can simply get white curtains and then spray black paints on it to create striped curtains. You can determine the width of the stripes based on your own taste.

There are some suggestions to create these black and white curtains. First, you shouldn’t start the stripes in the same spot since they might not match up. Second, you shouldn’t think that you can lay one panel on top of the other and simply tape off the stripes.

2. DIY black and white bed sheet curtain

If you need an inexpensive way to make a designer-like curtain, consider using your unused bed sheet to make one. If you have black and white bed sheet, it will make a perfect material to create a curtain for your bedroom or even living room!

If your bed sheet is large enough to create floor-to-ceiling curtains, go for it! These white and black curtains will help your space to look taller than before. With a bit of sewing and creativity, you’ll be able to get an elegant addition for your interior.

Finally, you can now make your best black and white colored or patterned curtains and use them in the right way as suggested above. Just make sure to incorporate your black and white curtains with the other elements inside your room to get the most of it.

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