Cool Ways to Bring Purple Curtains into Your Home

It’s no doubt that there are a lot of ways you can use purple curtains in your home. From your living room to bedroom, there are countless possibilities to incorporate these colored curtains in your home décor. But, there is a warning : you run the risk of overwhelming a room with this color!

purple curtains
purple curtains

Since purple is a kind of bold and eye-catching color, it’s not impossible to make your room feel overwhelming if using too much of it. That’s why understanding the cool ways to bring purple colored or patterned curtains will be a good investment for everyone.

Tips & Ideas for Using Purple Curtains in Your Home

From painting your wall in purple to bringing in purple furniture, there are actually a few great ways to bring purple in your room. And going with purple colored curtains can be a good idea when you don’t want to paint your walls purple since that’s rather permanent.

By hanging purple curtains, you can still put the beauty of this color on display in a way that stands out while keeping your walls neutral. It’s a more flexible approach in case you want to remodel the décor in the future. But, how can we incorporate these colored curtains to our design?

Luckily, you’ve come to the right place to learn some cool ways to bring purple colored or patterned curtains in your home decoration. Considering how bold this color can be, you need to know some of the best ways to incorporate it to your design.

Tips for Using Purple Curtains in Your Home

To help you incorporate purple colored or patterned curtains in your home decoration, we’ve put together some tips for you. Remember that purple can be a distinguishing color in any of your room when it’s done right. Here are some of our suggestions to use these colored curtains in cool ways.

1.. Use it to contrast your color scheme

One of the most common ways to use purple curtains is to contrast your room design. If you’ve already painted your walls in neutral colors like white or light grey, installing curtains in bold purple color will create an outstanding, eye-catching statement in your space.

Instead of matching your curtains to the wall color, contrasting them have become a popular approach nowadays. It’s because you can create an impact with minimal effort with this rich color. Thanks to its romantic and personal charm, it will be a good addition for your bedroom and living room.

2. Use it along with other shades

If your color scheme is dominated by the shade of purples like lavender or mauve, it can be a good idea to bring purple colored curtains in your home interior as well. You can go with a bolder shade of purple to incorporate it well with the lighter shades, and vice versa.

3. Use it to personalize your bedroom

If you love purple colors very much, utilizing purple curtains in your bedroom will be a good idea. A bedroom is where you can be as bold as you please. It’s a space where you can infuse the color you like the most in the form of curtains, furniture, or any other element.

Ideas for Using Purple Curtains in Your Home

Now, you have learned some of the cool ways to fit in purple colored or patterned curtains to your home décor. Then, what kind of curtains should you choose actually? If you don’t have any idea to get started, don’t be panic! Here are some of our recommendations that you can take into account.

1. Purple floral curtains

Look to bring natural elements to your design? If you don’t want to be bothered by the high maintenance of fresh flowers in your home interior, going with purple floral curtains will be a good solution. It will make an impressive complement in any room inside your home.

2. Sheer purple colored curtains

Sheer purple curtains will be a good bet if you want to let the most natural light go through the fabric. Since it may offer the least privacy than other types of curtain, it won’t be a good choice for your bedroom. Consider hanging the to-the-floor one for taller feeling.

3. Gingham purple patterned curtains

When it comes to high ceiling interior, it can be such a challenge for homeowners to provide appropriate window treatment. But, a patterned fabric will be able to stand out in your space rather than plain fabric. A simple yet classic gingham pattern in a bold purple color will make a great statement.

4. Dark purple curtain with gold damask prints

If you need a curtain that can be a focal point in your all-white living room or bedroom, you should take this dark purple curtain into account. With a few small gold damask prints on it, this curtain will deliver a classical elegance in your home space.

5. Purple ombre blackout curtain

Purple curtains with ombre style can make any room looks unique. Displaying a transition of color from dark purple to the lighter one, this kind of curtain will make a great complement in any color scheme, especially the neutral one. You can opt for the blackout type one for more privacy.

6. Strip Purple Pink Curtains

Do you need a perfect curtain for a girl room? These strip purple pink curtains will save your day for sure! They’re not only ideal to add a more feminine touch to your space but also capable to make space feels cozy and calm, making it perfect for a bedroom.

7. Purple two-toned chevron curtains

Chevron curtains have become one of the most popular choices because of its simplicity that doesn’t look plain. If you’re searching for living room curtain that has unique designs, you should consider purple chevron curtains to complete your home décor. This choice will blend so well with many styles.

That’s all some of the best ideas to bring purple colored or patterned curtains in your home. Just make sure to do it right since purple is a bold color that can make your room look overwhelmed. Now, you can bring your favorite purple curtains to your home décor!

purple curtains
purple curtains

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