Cute Curtains For Your Kid’s Room

Not all of the curtain you can see in the home décor shop is magnificent, as some of them are actually cute curtains that is suitable for the toddler or children’s room. Usually, the kind of curtain for them is the custom curtain that comes with the double paneled curtain or the single paneled one.

Cute Curtains
Cute Curtains

Regardless, the background of the color of the curtain is not merely a single color, but rather a cute pattern of the picture such as stars, the famous cartoon character and so on. This kind of curtain is very suitable for your children, and thus you can get it for them.

The treatment method is not very complicated as the curtain is usually not that sophisticated anyway. The main fabric for the cute curtains is usually just simple linen combined with the cotton.

It makes the curtain is suitable for the regular washing machine, but nevertheless, you need to regularly clean the curtain once every a month since it has been exposed to many hazardous materials such as the dirt, dust and so on.

Looking For a Cute Color Curtain

but as you have aged, more and more thing have changed, and your definition of cute obviously have changed either. You will need something new for your cute curtains ideas, and fortunately, you don’t have to go very far as there are so many new cute curtains comes out of the market.

You can have a very cute curtains design such as the beige curtain, the double curtain, artistic curtain and so on. those are widely available in the market and can be accessed very easily.

But no matter how cute it is, if the color is not matching with the current wall paint you are having, then you are in trouble as you will be very uncomfortable sitting in a mismatch color combination between the curtain and the wall paint.

In order to avoid that, you need to make sure that you understand the proper color combination in the very first place, and thus making it good for the eye to see. You can use the soft color for your bedroom, and a stronger color for the main hall of the dining room.

Wash Your Curtain Regularly

As you might know, the curtain is the first and outer defense of the house against so many things such as the sunlight, the dust, dirt, wind and so on. the curtain is exposed and bombarded by all of those things for a daily basis, and that makes them very prone to decay and discoloration.

You need to prevent this from happening by washing the curtain regularly, and also returning the color so that it will always look bright.

Restoring The Brightness Of The Curtain

Fortunately, it is very easy for returning the color to the decayed curtain with several steps below. You need to boil hot water, and then put them alongside with your curtain to a basket. Then add two spoons of lemon of the basket and wait for about 10 minutes for your cute curtains to be bright again.

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