DIY Ideas for Cheap Kitchen Curtains

Cheap kitchen curtains might be considered when people want to bring a different look into their kitchen. There are so many elements which can be found in the kitchen but mostly, it will be difficult to replace them with the new one without making a huge fuss.

Changing the kitchen curtains can be an easy and cheap method for changing the air in the kitchen. Sometimes people even find that changing the kitchen curtain can be expensive as well. There is no need to worry because these DIY ideas can help them.

Cheap Kitchen Curtains
Cheap Kitchen Curtains


Changing the color and pattern of the kitchen curtain can be a key which is used for getting the new look in the kitchen instantly. Nevertheless, it does not mean that they have to buy the new curtains which are super expensive because it has a super delicate pattern.

Creating a unique pattern on the curtain can be done with an easy DIY method such as using shibori tie-dye method. They just need to get the indigo coloring, white cloth, and thick thread. They can be creative with the tying for making a different pattern before soaking the cloth in the coloring water.


It will not be expensive at all to get the white fabric for making the curtain. They even do not have to buy the fabric when they already have the white curtain in their house. They can make an attractive and cheap kitchen curtain by adding the color to the curtain.

Although shibori is pretty simple and interesting, some people just want to get a much simpler method for adding the colored pattern to the curtain. In this circumstance, they can just use the spray paint for making the pattern on the white curtains.

Fabric Edge

Sometimes, people do not want to use the existing curtain in their house because it is too boring. They want to get the new curtain for getting the new look in the kitchen but they cannot do it yet because there is not enough money for buying the new curtain. In this circumstance, they need to make the existing curtain looks new.

In this circumstance, they can try to trim the current curtain with fabric edges which are playful. They even do not have to sew it because they can utilize the adhere fabric strips for attaching the fabric which is chosen with the complementary color and pattern, of course.


Last but not least, the existing curtain can be made into a new look simply by upcycling accessories which can be found in the house. If people do not know what they can do with the old leather belts, they can use it for making a difference for their kitchen curtain. They just need to install it and make it for holding the curtain fold. It must be easy to do.

More importantly, the kitchen will look completely different without having to spend a lot of money. The DIY project is a must when people are looking for the best way to get cheap kitchen curtains.

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