How To Treat Your Cotton Curtains Properly

Among one of the most beautiful home decoration, the curtain is indeed top ranked. Besides the beauty aspect, the cotton curtains has some important purposes, such as to block the sunlight and also to cover the private part of the houses such as the bedroom and so on.

Cotton Curtains
Cotton Curtains

There are so many choices you can make to make your curtain looks better, and one of them is finding the right curtain. Currently, there are a lot of curtain options you can pick out, and one of them is a cotton curtain. As you have guessed, the cotton curtains is actually thicker and thus making it more effective in shielding the sunlight.

But there are several pros and cons from the cotton curtains, which will be discussed here in this article. One of the most prevailing reasons why people keep purchasing the cotton curtains is because they are beautiful and also very effective in covering the room.

But the cotton curtains is quite hard to treat and very prone to be discolored over time, and thus you need to make sure that you understand how to treat your curtain properly.

Making Your Curtain Great Again

Over time, your curtain will be subject to decay, and the signs are actually quite obvious as it will be discolored over time, and the fabric will be eroded and catching much dirt too. This is very normal as the curtain is the first defense against the outside world, and they are exposed to the sunlight and dust on a daily basis.

This is why cleaning your cotton curtains is very important to make sure that they are bright and beautiful all the time, and you need to clean them properly. First, before making your curtain goes to the washing machine, you need to treat the discoloration in the curtain by applying this technique.

First of all, you need to boil water and pour them to the basket, and then you can put your curtain there. After that, you can start pouring the two spoon of extract lemon and let them sink for about 10 minutes. The lemon will make your curtain stronger against discoloration, as well as making the color returned to the cotton curtains of yours.

Choosing The Right Curtain For Your House

Not every curtain is suitable for your house, as there are several curtains which is not just designed for a certain room or a certain color combination. What is important is, you need to understand the shape of the curtain, and also the kind of curtain you are about to install.

The room curtain and the main hall curtain is obviously different and thus you need to put them differently. And among all, the color combination in the curtain is very important.

The Best Color Combination of Curtain

Color is very important when it comes to the curtain, and thus you need to match them properly. You need a softer color for your room, and you need a strong and inviting color for the cotton curtains at your kitchen.

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