Make A Classic Vintage Style with Vintage Kitchen Curtains

vintage kitchen curtains
vintage kitchen curtains

Some people may notice that working on the decoration of a kitchen is probably the hardest room in their house. It is because the kitchen contains a lot of kitchen tools and furniture. If they are not placed and arranged carefully, your kitchen will have no appeal and may look compact and small.

vintage kitchen curtains
vintage kitchen curtains

Window treatment is one of the ways to make your kitchen look more appealing. Using curtains or shades in your kitchen will give a classic appearance and gives you privacy. If you like an old theme, vintage kitchen curtains are on top of your choice.

Placing the Window and the Curtains

One thing you should keep in your mind that curtains are made of fabric which can be easily burnt and get dirty. Therefore, curtains should not be placed near the stove and the sink. The curtains can easily get dirty by splash-back from the sink. To put it simply, the location of the curtain in your kitchen plays a great role. How many times you cook is also worth to be considered.

The more you cook, the more the odors will become an issue. If you often cook, choose the washable fabrics so you can wash the curtains easily every time it gets dirty.

Add the Roller to The Rod

If you do not want to block the light completely, you can use the roller curtains or shades. Using the roller, you can adjust the vintage kitchen curtains according to your preference. It can be rolled up, or left-in between. Using the roller also gives you light control and privacy.

In addition, remember not to use wooden rod if the window is placed near the stove. The heat and humidity caused by the stove can damage the wooden rod. Consider to use metal rod so you do not have to replace your rod periodically. It saves you some maintenance for sure.

Length and Width

The length and width of the vintage kitchen curtains also needs to be considered. The fact is that there is no exact formula for ratio since it differs from era to era. The usual ratio of the lace is 1.5 to two times of the width that the window opening. However, it is okay if you have your own ratio.

Do keep in mind that the width of the lace can determine the appeal of your kitchen. You can experiment it by your own. After all, it is your kitchen and your own curtains. Your kitchen will look more spacious or smaller depends on the ratio, you use for the lace or the curtains.

Cleaning The Curtain

If you use washable and easy to wash fabric, you still need to clean the vintage kitchen curtains periodically. If your hobby is cooking, cleaning the curtains once in a three-month is recommended.

Having dirty curtains in your kitchen will affect your mood in cooking. Besides, it is not hygiene to cook with the dirty environment, right? You need to know whether the curtain needs to be dry-cleaned or not so you will not end up breaking it.

vintage kitchen curtains