Patterned Bathroom Floor Tiles: The Ideas and Materials to Choose

patterned bathroom floor tiles

patterned bathroom floor tiles

A bathroom in a house may be the smallest of all the rooms but this room is the most private and where we start our daily activities. The room should be relaxing, soothing, and able to boost positive moods. One of the important aspects of a bathroom is the bathroom floor. A great bathroom floor promises us safety, cleanliness, and practicality.

patterned bathroom floor tiles
patterned bathroom floor tiles

Bathroom Floor Tiles

When choosing floor tiles for our bathroom, you don’t have to be confused about the patterned bathroom floor tiles that come variously. Instead, you should stick to you and your loved ones’ desire. See the guidance below.

  • Before deciding to buy certain floor tiles for the bathrooms in your house, make sure you know the condition of the bathrooms will be like and who will use the bathrooms frequently. The bathroom in your master bedroom may encounter spilled makeup, wet feet, and drop hair from hair-dryers. Your small kids’ bathroom may have lots of tub overflows and splashes. The bathroom for your guests may be too moist, etc. So, think about those things and you’ll get the best bathroom floor tiles for all bathrooms in your house.
  • Another thing to consider is the design you want to have for the bathrooms. For your kids’ bathroom, it is wise to discuss what they want together. However, experts say that kids’ bathroom should be fun and classic with the any-age appeal. The guest bathroom should be dramatic with the touches of glamour. Last but not least, your master bathroom that has to indulge your lifestyle and give you comforts. Definitely, you should pay attention to the tactile feel and look. Those things will make you finally decide whether the bathroom tiles textured or sleek, light or dark color, etc.
  • Another is your budget. It is very important to decide how much money you will spend on bathroom floor tiles. If you think you won’t go anywhere, you’ll have to invest more money on the floor tiles for the bathroom. So you’ll get long-lasting tiles. If you plan to move from your house and sell your house, think of the tiles that will give you the investment return.
  • If you have decided all the best for your life, measure the bathroom floors carefully. This is as the sign of how much money you’ll spend. Don’t forget to save money for the unexpected costs such as for necessary materials, installation, delivery, etc.

Different materials of the tiles for the bathroom floor that we can choose

  • Some people may like ceramic tiles since they may last for a long time. It is also strong enough to deal with water and foot traffic. When it comes to cleaning, ceramic tiles are easy to clean. You just have to avoid using steel wool and scouring pads which are abrasive and can leave scratches on the surface of the tiles.
  • Many people love to have porcelain tiles for their bathroom floor since they are tough enough to deal with water and heavy foot traffic. It is also easy to clean. You can just vacuum and sweep regularly, damp mop once a week, and wipe the water up immediately.
  • Nothing is as tough as stone tiles for flooring the bathroom. It is water resistant but you have to seal it when needed to maintain the stain.
  • Many people love vinyl tiles for their bathroom tiles. It can stand heavy traffic, spills, and pets’ nails. You can just regularly sweep and vacuum to clean it. For the glossy tiles, you should keep polishing them when necessary. Don’t wax and buff to the surface of vinyl tiles.
Patterned Bathroom Floor Tiles
patterned bathroom floor tiles

As mentioned before that floor tiles for bathrooms can come variously. The tile itself can be stone tile, porcelain tile, and ceramic tile. If you want patterned bathroom floor tiles, see the ideas below.

Ideas of patterned tiles for bathroom floors

  • Find the pattern for the bathroom floor tiles that suits your personality best and be bold with it. You can choose atypical-shaped tiles like a hexagon or square tiles that each of them feature ¼ or full pattern. Choose any color that can create a design naturally. If you find unexpected twists, you can just use the square mosaic tiles from the backsplash to mix, layer, or match with the bathroom floor tiles.   
  • If you have survived from being too confused in choosing the tiles, and you have now the tile with the design and color that attract you most, you’ll have to consider the dimension of the bathroom. The pattern that you have now may only match a large bathroom. What if your bathroom is too small for the patterned bathroom floor tile you choose?
  • Visual interest doesn’t always include a large-scale print so you can choose the porcelain tile with squares of the pattern. It is also possible to create your own pattern during the installation. You can choose a geometric pattern from white and soft gray or black and white bathroom floor tiles. You can use contrasting grouts or two complimentary stones to combine. You definitely should make yourself creative and meticulous with the pattern of straight and zigzagged vertical lines.
  • Consider marble tiles which are luxurious and very expensive. However, if you plan to stay for the rest of your life, such tiles are worth buying. Yes, there are also tiles of marble-inspired that can be as the alternative if you can’t afford the real ones. The designs to choose are octagonal, hexagon, and mother-of-pearl combined with marble.
  • Mosaic bathroom floor tiles are also great to choose. Black and white mosaic bathroom floor tiles can make something different to a plain bathroom. These tiles come variously in colors and patterns, such as fauna, flora, and other various effects. The designs to choose are woven-inspired, black and white striped, black hexagon, blackfish scale, blue star, dandelion green, bold mosaic, etc.

So, which tiles will you choose flooring your bathroom? Hopefully, the article about patterned bathroom floor tiles can give you the inspiration.

Patterned Bathroom Floor Tiles
Patterned Bathroom Floor Tiles