Patterned Ceramic Floor Tile Ideas

Patterned Ceramic Floor Tile
Patterned Ceramic Floor Tile

Patterned ceramic floor tile will play important role in the room design. If people are able to choose the right pattern for the ceramic floor, they will be able to expand the small room for instance. It will also be useful for elongating the wide rooms.

If there is an imperfection in the room, they can also hide it using the right pattern of the ceramic tile floor. That is why it is better to understand the pattern and its effect on the room.

Patterned Ceramic Floor Tile
Patterned Ceramic Floor Tile

Straight Lay Grid

There is no doubt that there are many people who choose the straight lay grid pattern for the floor tile because it is the simplest option. The simplicity of this pattern makes it perfect to be combined with other patterns of design in the room. They will be very flexible to make a combination of texture, color, and type of ceramic tile. To get a clean and straightforward look, people only need to choose the monochromatic scheme. However, if they want to have a more decorative design, they can consider the grid.

Diagonal Grid

The diagonal grid patterned ceramic floor tile will be a great choice for small room flooring after all. This pattern has the effect to open up the small space because of its widening angles. The installation of the diagonal grid pattern will be as easy as the straight lay one but they can add more visual interest with the diagonal grid tile pattern. This pattern will be great to be applied in the small bathroom and the tiny kitchen. It can also be installed in the hallway for creating a movement.

Running Bond

The running bond pattern is the option which people are looking for if they realize there is an imperfection in the room. The tile arrangement is staggered for drawing the eyes away from the flaws but people can find that the installation is pretty simple. It will be great for hiding the crooked walls. If they want to break up the existing wall d├ęcor pattern, they should use this tile pattern.


It is sure that installing the checkerboard pattern for floor tile is timeless and versatile. The classic option must be black and white. This pattern will look perfect in the urban loft, ranch redo, classic revival, and modern farmhouse style. They can make an experiment with the checkerboard tile pattern with various ideas but they can make sure that they only need two different tiles with the same size to use this patterned ceramic floor tile idea.

patterned ceramic floor tile idea