Simple and Sophisticated Bathroom Ideas Photo Gallery

bathroom ideas photo gallery
bathroom ideas photo gallery

Do you have a plan to do a little bit of renovation or make-over your bathroom? Take a look at our bathroom ideas photo gallery down below. Our bathroom ideas photo gallery tips and ideas perhaps can help you turn your old bathroom to be a sleek, magical bathroom you’ve always wanted.

Modern Bathroom is still the Most Favorite Design

Modern bathroom design can provide a clean and simplistic feeling. If you want to apply a modern theme in your bathroom, you need to be certain to use geometric patterns and shapes, mid-century furniture, minimal colors, and clean lines. Your bathroom can become a modern sanctuary effortlessly for coziness and cleanliness.

bathroom ideas photo gallery
bathroom ideas photo gallery

Since your bathroom is a room that you use every single day, its importance is much bigger than you give it credit for. The modern bathroom should have cheery and bright to imposing and sophisticated look beyond the space limit. Those details from modern touch can help your bathroom’s transformation into amazing refreshing and relaxation spaces.

Modern with Mid-Century

The modern design of mid-century is interior style, graphic, furniture, and architectural of the mid-19th century. The straight lines, natural colors, and geometric patterns are the whole part of the modern design with mid-century influenced. The furniture in the bathroom is also a good place to begin when you want to do the renovation in your bathroom.

Make sure you have a focal point by putting a modern chair or a small, comfortable sofa in the corner. Look for colors and patterns which fit into those requirements when you want to find the right type of fixtures, mirror, or faucet you are picking to put in your modern bathroom.

Minimalist and Simple Design

The number one rule in any modern design is the simplicity. Be sure that you are keeping organic and open free space of clutter. Take advantage of built-in cabinetry and shelving to hide your personal items that you still use or maybe even unwanted things. Leave every novelty and toiletries item out of your bathroom space to provide you with the best clean and relaxation room. That’s why it is important to not clutter it up with unnecessary things you have all of these years. Pick backsplash and tile with geometric patterns and shapes in order to add character and personality without ruining the minimalistic design.

Ideas for Simple Bathroom Decor

Here are several ideas to inspire you in decorating your bathroom by bringing the modern theme. They are including:

  • Put small white pots of flower on shelves in order to bring organic atmosphere into the bathroom
  • Arrange mirrors with geometric shapes on the bathroom wall
  • Place floor-to-ceiling mirror
  • Hang up modern frame prints
  • Skip the bright color and choose for grey and white towels
  • Showcase wood and concrete elements


It is essential to choose to light as a part of a modern design style. It also includes designing your bathroom. There are a lot of choices for lighting in the market. You need to know that it is all about geometric shapes and lines when it comes about modern design. So, it is necessary to remember that when you want to purchase for placement of lighting, windows, or light fixtures. But, you also need to pay attention to the light’s quality than the actual light fixture. It is also an amazing idea to install skylights for the modern bathroom since they can give more interest and natural light to the bathroom.

It is easy to achieve in designing a modern bathroom by placing every idea and element that we have given to you. A single element is not more essential than another so make sure to bring all of the elements together in the bathroom to have a truly modern feel and look!

bathroom ideas photo gallery
bathroom ideas photo gallery


Placing a greenery touch in your bathroom can give you a connection between the outdoors and indoors. Design that brings organic touch within modern design should let the natural outdoor space in the bathroom. It should be mixed with the indoor space you are decorating. You can try to bring the outdoors theme inside by placing one or two indoor plants.

Inspirations to Style Modern Bathroom

Big Format Tiles and Twin Basins in Sleek Modern Shower Room

In order to achieve a seamless and clean look, you can use the same big format tiles on your bathroom floor and walls. You can place a sleek wall-mounted tap and handle-free vanity over twin basis for a clutter-free, streamlined, shower room. Handy hidden storage can be provided by recessed shelving in the walk-in shower.

Tropical-print Wallpaper in Contemporary Bathroom

If you think a contemporary bathroom is always a clinical and clean, you should change your mind. This amazing jungle pattern provides a unique factor to the bathroom that can make your morning routine even more relaxing. You can choose the pink of the parrots as the choice of accessories and towels.

Rainwater Shower in Big en Suite Shower Room

Natural wood can give warmth to your bathroom. Take a look at this en suite shower room, an oak-topped freestanding vanity, and oak floorboards can blend beautifully with the white scheme. Grey grout also can add interest to the white tiles. You can also put a rainwater shower head in an attic bathroom as high as you can even though we literally mean that you can place it on the top of the ceiling.

Large Freestanding Bathtub in Grey Bathroom

Wall niche of space-saving can help maintain the bathroom’s streamlined appearance. Wall-mounted taps can also hide your clutter with the mundane pieces. Sophistication and simplicity are the keys completed with a big tub and beautiful tiling just made for a comfy soak.

Glossy Black Bathtub in Striking Monochrome Bathroom

This mind-blowing design is really planned from a well-thought-out scheme. But it is not as complex as it seems. Turning the sides of white and black checked tiles in order to have a diamond-style pattern is our secret trick to add interest and impact. Meanwhile, a hit of red and gorgeous tub eye-catching properties can also become the focal point in the bathroom.

So, we hope that our bathroom ideas photo gallery can inspire you to have a modern, chic bathroom style you’ve been dreaming of. Happy decorating!