Small Bathroom Ceramic Tile Ideas

Bathroom ceramic tile ideas will determine the total look in the bathroom. Ceramic tiles actually become favorite material which is chosen often for the bathroom because it can handle the wetness as well as humidity in the bathroom.

However, finding the best ceramic tiles ideas for the small bathroom might be challenging unless people consider the ideas below.

Large Tiles

Many people usually consider installing small tiles when they want to use the tiles for their small bathroom. It sounds wise because small tiles will help them to create a space illusion in the small bathroom. However, there is nothing wrong to install the large tiles in the bathroom with a small space. It is useful as a brain trick so it will think that space is bigger.

Bathroom Ceramic Tile Ideas
Bathroom Ceramic Tile Ideas

Diagonal Patterns

It is true that there is no room for error when people are trying to design their small bathroom. This might be the reason why they do not want to experiment with their bathroom design including for the ceramic tile installation. In fact, there is no need to be afraid of the experiment including for the way they lay the tiles. They can try to lay the tile in the diagonal pattern.

It will be a great idea when they want to use the subway tile which is glossy and subtle. It must be one the bathroom ceramic tile ideas which could be applied actually because the eyes will be drawn to the longest room part.

Bubble-gum Pink Floor

Well, it is pretty common for many people to use white as the main color of the bathroom design especially when space is limited. White can open up space but they should add a splash of color which can make the bathroom look attractive. Considering the bubble gum pink tile for the bathroom floor actually can bring the retro feel into the small bathroom. It will be the focal point in the bathroom but at the same time, the bathroom will look spacious.

Black Tiles

Last but not least, people can consider installing the black tiles with hexagon shape in their small bathroom. It must be great bathroom ceramic tile ideas because it can be the perfect flooring choice for creating the bathroom which is classy and sophisticated. Not only on the floor, but people can also use the black tile for the wall but it is better to install it partway up the wall to avoid the claustrophobic feel.