Smart Tips to Make Short Curtains Look Cool in Your Home

When it comes to window treatments, you may consider introducing short curtains to your space instead of the longer ones. Even though the longer ones are more favorable since they can make your room feels higher, there’s actually no problem of having the short one.

short curtains
short curtains

In today’s decorating trend, to-the-floor and floor-to-ceiling curtains are no doubt the most favorite choice among many homeowners. On the other hand, shorter length or known as high-water style is considered outdated. But, it’s still a perfect choice in particular cases. Now, let’s learn more about this as follow.

How to Make Short Curtains Look Cool in Your Home Design

There are actually some conditions that make it more ideal for us to prefer the shorter curtains to the longer ones. If there are young children in your home, going with shorter curtains will be a perfect choice to pass up the whole Tarzan situation.

In addition, if you want to limit sticky hands from touching your lovely window treatments, opting for shorter curtains is surely a good idea. You are probably forced to hang shorter curtains since you want to bring heaters to your space. So, how can we make these short curtains look cool in our home design?

The Right Ways to Find the Best Short-Length Curtains

To make your short-length curtains look good in your home design, it’s inevitable that you need to find the one that matches your overall design very well. Similar to finding the best longer curtains, you need to focus on several things like your room’s style and color scheme.

In addition, you need to consider the choice of your curtain fabrics or materials as well. Linen, velvet, silk, and faux silk are among the best choices when it comes to the best curtain materials. To help you make the right decisions, here are some of our recommendations for you.

  1. Match your walls

Whether it is a short or long curtain, you can match your window treatment with the walls. This approach is perfect if you’re seeking for the least visually intrusive one. It also works best if there are a lot of competing visual elements in your space.

If you want a calm, monochromatic look in your home décor, adding short curtains with matching color to the walls is a good idea as well. It will be able to be a perfect, elegant solution for you. However, you should consider replacing your curtains if you decide to repaint your walls in the future.

  1. Go with neutral complements

Moreover, you can also opt for a print or solid color that comes in a neutral palette which is flexible enough to work with a range of different wall colors. This approach is actually the most popular one since it makes your curtains a versatile element.

Beige becomes one of the safest bet at this point. Interestingly, beige curtains come in lots of attractive choices. So, if you want to leave your choices open, you will find this approach ideal. However, there’s a possibility that your design looks bland in some points.

  1. Opt for strong contrast

Bringing in bright patterned or colored short curtains that contrast your walls is another great idea to do. It absolutely makes the biggest visual statement. That’s why it works well in narrower spaces where you can only bring one or two curtains as a centerpiece.

Besides, you will want to save this method for a color or pattern that you love the most. If you’re still uncertain about which approach to pursue, you can then ask yourself how much budget you’re willing to spend and what kind of a room you are hoping to make to help you decide.

The Right Ways to Hang Short-Length Curtains

It’s no secret that many decorators out there may advise you to take longer curtains and hang them as high as you can to make the most appealing element in your room. However, you might have recognized that short curtains can also be attractive as you read the information above.

There are also some points that make it more appropriate to hang shorter curtains or high water-style curtains instead of the longer ones inside your home. One of the best applications is for spaces where you have a radiator or other things built-in underneath your windows. For other ways, here are our recommendations.

  1. Hang them if there is furniture

It is basically a good idea to hang high-water curtains if you have furniture that you want to place under your windows. For example, you want to place your vanity under your windows so that it receives natural lights very well. You’ll definitely want to use shorter curtains in this situation.

  1. Hang them in kids bedrooms

Another cool idea to use short curtains is in the kids’ rooms. That’s probably one of the most common applications of high-water curtains in your home décor. Shorter curtains will be the safest bet to avoid your kids to play with the curtains when you’re not around.

  1. Hang them in the bathroom

It’s also a great choice to hang shorter curtains for spaces where you don’t want to incorporate a lot of fabrics like the bathroom, the kitchen, or even the dining room. This is because there will be food, oil, and water involved in this room, making it better to use shorter curtains.

  1. Hang them in a small window

If you have a small window, you can also go with short curtains rather than the longer one. You just need to choose the one that can be bold enough to become a focal point in the room. For instance, a floral-patterned curtain in a bright color will look charming in an all-white small bedroom.

In conclusion, high-water curtains can be a better choice than to-the-floor curtains for your home decoration as long as you know where to apply them within your design. Now, you can start finding the best short curtains on the market and hang them on the cool ways as we’ve recommended above!

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