The Inspirations of Modern Kitchen Curtains

The kitchen with a minimalist concept is indeed often identified with goods or furniture that can be as simple as the concept. One of them is window design with the modern kitchen curtains.

Modern Kitchen Curtains
Modern Kitchen Curtains

A minimalist kitchen will usually have a small window on the side of the house to drain the air and add to the beauty of your kitchen. These windows usually use curtains Small windows as a barrier to the sun.

Not only serves as a barrier to the sun, but these small window curtains can also be used to beautify the interior of the room in a minimalist kitchen, you know. There are many choices of modern small-window curtains out there. What’s up? Come see more for inspiration in the future!

The modern kitchen curtains of verdant print for Small window

Among the green-themed rooms with wall colors, you can add small windows with motifs that can beautify a minimalist kitchen. An example of this inspiration that chooses curtains White Print windows with unique motifs that perfectly frame white glass windows. This can be more complete with the green-green concept that is applied to your kitchen.

Dogwood flowers modern curtain

This type of curtain is in the form of a mini and perched in a small window, the small floral motif curtains of this window can be questioned among other furniture facing up. The color of the curtains of this small window has a color gradation that is the same as the color of the wall and the seat in the kitchen.

The modern curtains with soft and neutral in color

A minimalist small kitchen that has a window facing directly onto the highway is perfect with a small window curtain made of soft colored satin wool that has been trimmed to the edges to dangle to the floor. This color choice can be adjusted to the atmosphere you want to make in the kitchen, which is soft and warm. Just look at it, you must have felt a comfortable room just like that.

The curtains with patterns of detailed pattern motifs

For those of you who want to ‘dress up’ your kitchen with small window curtains that have details, minimalist window curtain models can be an option. The curtains are blue with floral motifs, leaves and also the dragon snake, which details are made of cotton and trimmed on the edge of the small window curtains. How, are you interested in applying it in your kitchen window?

Curtain for kitchen small windows with complementary colors

This curtain is very suitable if combined with a blue countertop table complete with wooden dining chairs that have a cushion colored with a dining table. For the small window curtains themselves, curtains can be installed in the type of Roman shade made of Chinese fabric which further complements the kitchen.

The selection of materials for small window curtains must indeed be considered. There are various kinds of fabric curtains with different materials such as synthetic fabrics, woven fabrics, until patterned or plain.

Soft modern look with plain small window curtains

Do you want to create a soft and modern atmosphere in the kitchen? The type of small window curtains in the form of Roman shades without patterns can be tried! Only with plain colors plus the right room decor, you can create a different kitchen atmosphere.

Modern Kitchen Curtains
Modern Kitchen Curtains

Those are some inspirations of modern kitchen curtains that you can apply to your kitchen’s window.

Modern Kitchen Curtains

Modern Kitchen Curtains