Tips To Do Before Purchasing a Standing Desk

Standing Desk
Standing Desk

Generally, the idea of buying a standing desk is a favorable once since it gives you several benefits. Some of the benefits are rather health-related effects since using a desk that allows you to stand while working allows you to avoid several health problems, such as obesity, back pain, heart attack, or even a bad mood level.

Standing Desk
Standing Desk

Arguably, it is much better than standard desks. However, there are several tips you should know in order to purchase the perfect item you can use for yourself as well as for others.

Figure out whether it is the best option for you or not

Well, before you buy one, you should think of several reasons why you should purchase a standing desk. However, your main reason should be whether it would be the best option for you or not since there is no point buying one if it is not the best option. In order to make yourself easier to decide whether a desk that can be used while standing is worth buying, you should do several things.

Your desk that you choose should allow you to move and change your posture as often as you like and without any difficulties. Well, some people consider standing an unfavorable position when working and you might be one of them who think so. Therefore, your choice should favor your work comfort, overall health, working performance, as well as your personal taste.

Choose between purchasing a new unit or just upgrading your existing workstation

This part of the things you need to do when choosing a desk that allows you stand when working actually depends solely on your preference, but there are several factors that you should consider in order to help you make an easier decision. When choosing between a new set of desk or an upgraded existing desk, you should consider the space around you which determines whether you can work effectively or not.

Besides, you should also consider the surface of the table- whether it affects your working performance or not. If you like to have an ample of leg room as well as spaces available on the surface, consider choosing a full desk. However, if you do not mind working at a place where space is limited, then, purchasing a sit-stand desk is a perfect choice.

Standing vs. Sit-stand desks

The next thing that you should do is to compare between a standing desk with a sit-stand desk. As the name said, the former one is the desk which allows you to work only in the standing position, while the latter is kind of desk which allows you to work in two postures, which are sitting and standing since it is extremely adjustable.

By the way, due to the fact that a sit-stand desk is very versatile, sometimes it is more expensive when compared to the kind desk which allows you only to use it when standing.

Find out if the desk has options to adjust its height

Well, when you are looking forward to buy a desk which allows you to work in the standing position, then, you will have to ensure that it has options which allow you to adjust the desk’s height. Well, if your demand a flexible working space which allows your work and need to be accommodated, then, the feature for height adjustment is a must.

For example, your position when typing may be different when you are writing with your pen. If that is the case, never pick for a desk with a fixed height since it would definitely hinder your performance severely.

How the height adjustment works

Alright, now that you are aware of the value of a desk with a height adjustability, then, it would be great to discuss more about it, would it not? Now that each desk that is available for sale has its own range of height adjustment, you will need to invest your time in figuring out which one has the option which suits your preference best.

By the way, the options available should accommodate you and others who use it both in standing (when fully extended) and in seated position (when not extended). Never overlook other factors which sound trivial at first, such as the surface of the desk, the height of your keyboard, the type of carpet under the desk, or others since these factors also attribute to the total height of the table when it is fully adjusted or not.

Also, you also need to ensure whether it adjusts quickly or slowly by using its mechanism- choose the electric-powered one if you wish to adjust the desk quickly.

In order to assess the height adjustment option, you will need to adjust the table for the sitting position and sit comfortably using your favorite chair while wearing the shoes you wear most often.

Try to imitate as if you are using a keyboard to type and figure out the distance which goes from the floor to your elbow when typing. Then, adjust the desk to the standing position and make sure it fits as low as your elbow height when it is sitting and as high as when your elbow is standing.

However, the option above only works if you are the only one who is going to use the desk. If you expect your desk to be used by others, then, it would be trickier. The reason why it would be more difficult to get a suitable desk which accommodates more than one individual is that no one has the same preference and needs.

Fortunately, though, if there are only a few of people who are going to use it, you may adjust the desk after someone finishes his/her business with it. However, if it is to be put in a common area, then, you may want to adhere to the popular characteristics based on a measurement conducted by the company where the desk would be stationed.

Well, those are the things to consider when buying a standing desk!

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