Understanding The Basic of Double Curtains

There is so many curtain type in the market, and one of them is the double curtains type, and actually, this is one of the most beautiful and the most commonly used by the people. The characteristic of every double curtains is seemed very clear, and you can recognize the double curtains with ease.

Double Curtains
Double Curtains

It uses the rod to connect one panel of your curtain to another, and between the rod, there is a stopper so that your curtain will not fall off from the rod. The double curtains is usually used for a large size window.

Though the name is a double curtain, there are several windows which are using three panels of the double curtain, which is in their left and right part and in the middle one. Those double curtains are usually very big and thus can cover the window no matter how massive they are.

But not all of the window is as massive as this is and thus needing the three cover of the curtain. Usually, a window at that size can be found in the public building, but not in the private houses.

How To Install The Double Curtain

Among many other types of curtain, this one is the most difficult one to install, as you need to cover the two parts, which are the right and the left part. The double curtains will need the rod, and therefore you need to install the rod first in order to make sure that your curtain will hold.

The double curtains rod can be installed using a simple screw and, and make sure the rod is properly installed and already cover the entire part of the windows. After that, you can attach the curtain to the rod, and make sure they are properly attached. Then you can install the stopper, and then your curtain is ready to be used.

The curtain will look great in the main hall or the bedroom, as long as you match the color of them obviously. Usually, people will go for the grey colored double curtains since they look so elegant and so proper, and if they do, they will fit for your bedroom.

Cleaning The Double curtains With Ease

Although very heavy and weight so much, the double curtains is fortunately very easy to handle and clean, and in this article, we shall explain the process one by one. As the curtain itself is not using the cotton but rather the fabric, therefore the curtain won’t need the special treatment in the term of cleaning it, as the washing machine will do just fine. You can clean the curtain regularly once in a month to make sure they always look beautiful.

The Price of Double curtain

As one of the most commonly used curtains in every house, actually, the price of the double curtains is not very expensive, as they can just reach about 50 to 100 dollars per piece.

That is actually quite cheap compared to any other type of curtain in the market. You can purchase the double curtains in the nearest home décor shop.

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