Using Bathroom Wall Tiles Images as the Renovation Inspiration

For the best bathroom renovation, it is often suggested for you to see the bathroom wall tiles images first. The images can be simply found anywhere. You can even use them available on the internet as the inspirations how the best bathroom tiles should be. Then, when you have found the most attractive one, use it as the reference for the bathroom interior design.

However, it doesn’t mean you can just randomly choose one of them. There are still some considerations to take since the conditions of your bathroom may not be the same with what in the images. So, what are the things to consider?

The Size

When you are seeing the image, you may see a kind of stunning classical bathroom with unique tiles. The tiles are full of details and they just look good. Unfortunately, those unique tiles may not be good in your bathroom for the different sizes. You may look at the image one more time carefully. The tiles are probably good for that bathroom due to the bathroom’s size is big enough. Meanwhile, if you force them to be in your small bathroom, the results may be different. Your bathroom may look cramped and not comfortable.

Bathroom Wall Tiles Images
Bathroom Wall Tiles Images

The Furniture

There are some types of furniture in the bathroom. They are the bathtub, cabinets, shower stall, and more. That furniture must be integrated well with the tiles and the decoration, in general, including the tiles. Particularly if you have provided the furniture and accessories check them, what are the colors, designs, and more. Then, you can just choose a kind of tiles that are matched with them. In other words, you should not force yourself to apply tiles just like in the gallery images if the designs are far from the conditions of the bathroom along with furniture.

Bathroom Wall Tiles Images Colors

Sometimes, the captured images don’t always exactly the same as the real condition. There are many factors that influence this matter. It can be due to the lighting and modes applied when the photographers take them. Moreover, after the pictures have been taken, there is still the editing process that makes the results sometimes too far from the objects. Tiles are examples of the objects that can be simply changed when they are turned into images.

Based on that fact, it seems you should not be 100% tempted to imitate the designs of the bathroom only after seeing the image version. It is better to use it only as the inspiration. For the rest, you can explore your own ideas based on the conditions of your bathroom.