What Is Beige Curtains And Where To Find It

If you are looking for a fancy and good looking curtain, then you can try the beige curtains, like this one of the most famous types of curtain due to their uniqueness and also beauty.

Beige Curtains
Beige Curtains

The basic of beige is actually resembling the double curtain, as they are also needing the rod to support the curtain,  but the pattern of the beige curtains is also very distinct and very unique compared to every kind of curtain you can find in the market, and this is why the curtain looks so fancy and fabulous.

The pattern of beige can be applied horizontal, vertical or both, and the size of the curtain is also ranging from one meter to five meters in length, making the beige curtains is able to cover even the biggest type of window you can see.

But due to the nature of their uniqueness and also the type of fabric they are using, the beige can be quite pricey, as the smallest form is usually cost more than 100 dollar per piece, and that is double the price of the regular curtain say the double or plain curtain.

Installing The Beige curtains To Your Room

The curtain is one of the most important parts of your room, and thus you must have it as it is one of the most important parts. In order to properly install the curtain, you need to understand the type of color you have, as it will affect the match of your color of the curtain, as well as to enhance the aesthetic of your room.

If you want to maximize the beauty of your room, then you can consult it first with an interior designer or anyone else that understand the color combination techniques. Once you have decided to have one of the colors, then you can begin the installation, and this is the trickiest part of all.

First, you need to install the rod, and the rod can be installed using the screw and several nails to hold them down.

After that, you can start attaching the beige curtains in the rod, and also you need to make sure that the curtain is properly attached so that you can make sure that the curtain is strongly attached and not falling down. Then you can put the stopper so that the curtain is not sliding to the other side.

Restoring The Color of Beige curtains

The color for the beige is everything, and thus you need to protect the curtain from discoloration. Unfortunately, discoloration is an imminent thing that can happen in the curtain, and thus all you have to do is to make sure that you are able to restore the color back to the curtain, and there are several steps to do so.

Applying The Lemon To Restore Color

You need to boil a basket of hot water, and then put the curtain inside the basket. After that, add two spoons of lemon to the water and let them for about 10 minutes. Then you can wash the beige curtains regularly using the washing machine.

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